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Well, Water ,And Website Work!
New arrivals
Loss of a friend and new arrivals
New Critters!


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Well, Water ,And Website Work!

Since Running Out of water in the well, Ive been extremely Busy hauling in water. I hope to get this website up dated soon. Ive been on the phone with Vista Print about not being able to work on the site. I really think the problem is atTheir end as Ive not had problems posting elsewhere. I hope they fix it this time! Being Computer illiterate Sucks!


I have been on the phone with Vista print trying to work out the glitches with the site. I hope to have it fixed soon. Im sure the problem is at Their end as Ive not had problems eslewhere

Loss of a friend and new arrivals

It is with heavy heart that I announce the loss of "David" the very sweet little boar that was leader of the pig clan he is very much Missed .                                                                                                                                                                           

New Critters!

New Additions! welcome to "Liberty" a 1 yr old Plott Hound sent by Four Paws Flying Coonhound Rescue, also" Watson a  yr 300lb pig that a Kind Couple found in their Yard < chased there by Coyotes . also "Banjo" a 2 yr old "walker " hound also sent By Four Paws. And "Valentine " new Pot Belly Pig Sent by Amy And Adam Ada!The Herd Keeps Growing!  And "Dustin": the young man who Stayed last year and was Shot by park Rangers has returned after being released from Jail and the State mental Hospital.

New friends

Been SO busy! got a few donations in from our friends , new dog arrived today, Liberty , A plott Hound Sent by Four Paws Rescue.

Parade day!

Entered in the Parade in Jamul put most dogs and some old furniture on the 66 chevy truck  and had Michael Cabul drive  we won 1st place in "best animal representation"I was proud of the dogs behaveing well for the 3 hours we were there.        Neighbor Richard Allen came by and donated a bunch of fenceing wire,thanks Richard!

More work

Extremely busy as usual repairing trucks and picking up a horse that I re homed ,seems the mans daughter decided that it was not to her likeing to have to actually do the nessecary care and dad put his foot down . "Brownie" is back here again safe and sound . got a huge help on diagnosing and fixing the  chevys problem from Dave and Connie Bennett! they are friends of mine and donated the labor AND picked up and delivered the Truck! I replaced the throttle cable on the ford and put the radiator in the chevy so now mabye they will both run thanks to Dave and Connie!

Birthday donations from Cecelia!

Well today was my Friend Cecelias birthday! And she Very generously asked her friends to forgo giveing her gifts, and donate to Last Chance Ranch ! what a HUGE suprise and a HUGE help! Amazeing ! Thank you Cecelia ! and ALL your wonderfull friends!

Donation !

 got a very kind donation of a pond liner Electric pump, and cleaning supplies from Eric a neighbor this will enable us to enlarge swimming areas for the animals when the wheather permits!

Last Chance Ranch

At long last! got the website going! am looking foreward to interacting with you
and thank you for your time interest and support!  We will try to keep you up dated with the goings on at the ranch,and strive to be worthy of your support!
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